Thursday, October 11, 2012

Officially Facebook Free!

Facebook is gone. Too much drama.
There is always someone who thinks everything is about them. No matter what it is.

Facebook asks: "What is on your mind?"
My answer: "It's days like these that I need you. Here. Not across the country. Fuck you, army. Just fuck you."

Somehow that translates into: "My Dr. Appointment fucking sucked and I need every single person to ask me if I'm okay!"

In reality, that post had nothing to do with the doctor (Why the fuck would it?), anybody involved in the doctor, or any specific person, for that matter. The only person who should have been asking me anything was my husband, who in fact, I was talking to at the time.
When I got asked how it was, I replied with "It was fine."
And apparently that means I have an attitude and every body I know is going to get mad because I don't want to go into little bitty details.
Funny, I got called a hypocrite, too. By the person who I thought was my best friend.
Let me explain.

When people get on Facebook, they put statuses like "I wish I had someone to talk to."
And when they get responses like "I'm here, what's wrong?"
They answer, "I don't want to talk about it."

What. The. Fuck.

So when I put the status about the Army, apparently I'm trolling for sympathy. You know what? Here's the fucking conversation.

So-called friend: "Hey everything ok? How'd the Dr appt go?"
Me: "It was fine."
friend: "O ok well I'm just checking on u Bcuz of ur post earlier."
Me: "If I wanted to talk about it I would have."
friend: "W/e Jessika I wad just worried abt u but don't worry I won't make tht Damn mistake again"
Me: -Completely dumbfounded, by the way- "You and all the other goddamned nosy people can leave me the fuck alone. If I wanted to talk about the shit I would have said something. It has not a damn thing to do with you or anyone else. So the attitude that you just got with me can kiss my ass."
friend: "I was just checking on u, and u got attitude first, I was worried abt u I would've let it drop if u had just sd I'm fine and u know tht, I'm sry if u r pissed @ the Damn world but i did nothing t u and know it and if u didn't want ppl asking if u were ok u shouldn't have posted it on Facebook. U always point tht out to other ppl..."
Me: "Did you not see the IT WAS FINE part of the message? And no, you read it as attitude. So check yourself. Then fucking try again."
friend: "Whatever... I'm done"
Me: "I have no idea what the fuck crawled up your ass, but if you read the post completely instead of being nosy it says FUCK YOU ARMY. I figured anyone with common sense could figure out what the problem was."

What's funny is this, I do point things like that out on other people's Facebook. However, only if they're trolling for attention. I was not trolling for attention. I did not ask anyone to comment, I did not ask anyone to talk to me and I did NOT fucking say I was having a goddamned bad day. I'm just tired of it. Other people starting drama for me. I'm done with it.

I'm leaving for Colorado on November 7th, and to be completely honest, I don't know if I'm coming back. I hate it here. I'm tired of everybody trying to fucking tell me how to raise my child and what I should and shouldn't do in public. I'm tired of getting fucking yelled at because I'm just a soldier's wife and can't do shit about the problems that my husband's unit has. I don't feel ENTITLED to shit like your old ass does! 

"Waa! Navy Wives don't get any kind of help from the Navy for schooling!"

No. You don't. Why the fuck would you? You didn't get up and get deployed and defend our country. You didn't sign up, why would the Navy give you help for school? According to the military, all you do is suck the dick of a sailor. (Or soldier, or marine, or airman, or whatever branch your spouse is in.)
So stop telling me what I need to go do to get our shit straight. It doesn't matter what I do. I'm just a fucking civilian to the military and they don't want my opinion. Stop feeling so entitled to shit that you didn't earn, and stop telling me what I need to do to get it straight. There's nothing I can do. Being a military wife is NOT the hardest job in the military. Trust me. I've been on both sides. Being the wife is NOTHING compared to leaving your family for months at a time with a possible chance of not coming back. You don't know that feeling. I don't know that feeling. Only the SERVICE MEMBER knows that feeling. You want to earn some shit? Get off your ass and do it. It's that simple. Really.

The members of our military are already getting fucked around with enough. They really don't need your cranky, I-Want-Everything-He-Gets ass getting in the way.

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