Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby News!

Here's the deal.

November 7th, Deralynn and I will be flying to Denver, Colorado. I will be staying in Craig with a friend I haven't seen in 6 years! She is having a baby shower on the 10th, which is the whole reason I'm going in the first place. I will be there for the rest of the month.
On Thanksgiving, we will get to make a quick 6-hour drive (Yes, I said quick. I prefer 6 to the ever-boring 11- or 16-hour drives) to Salt Lake City, Utah to pick up my husband! He and I will find out the gender of our baby then. Here's how.

November 6th, I have a regular doctor appointment with my OB/GYN. On that day, I will also have an ultrasound to determine the gender of our baby. :)
They will NOT show me the gender, but they will put the gender pictures into a sealed envelope. I will be taking that sealed envelope with me to Colorado so when I see my husband, we can open the envelope together and find out what we will be having! Exciting, right?!

I'm stoked. Extremely. It's going to be super hard though, because I will have to keep it a secret from everyone back home, because we will be having a Gender Revealing Party!

Not sure when yet... But we will definitely be doing something that awesome. Not a baby shower but more of just the gender party. It's so exciting!

That's the only update at the moment. Keep checking, periodically, to see if I have updated more. I will definitely be keeping everyone posted!

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