Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Okay Everyone! She's gone! *phew*

Here's a little insight into the last few days of my hectic, crazy, absolutely insane life.

According to my ever-so-nice grandmother, I'm now an abusive parent no better than my mother because I'm stressed about my husband being in Utah, and wouldn't give her the details to my bank account.
... Seriously?

Okay. Let me explain.

This crazy ass woman was asking me about my bank account. Some things happened with the Army that my husband ended up having to deal with. Nothing serious. Said thing got resolved, so I started getting happy. This woman starts getting nosy and asking me what I was so happy about. I started to try to explain it to her, and she starts arguing with me about how it's supposed to go and how my husband isn't supposed to be the one to deal with these things. I keep trying to explain to her, but she just gets mad at me and thinks she knows everything because she is a wife to someone in the NAVY and not the ARMY.
So Mrs. I-Know-Everything stomped off saying "Fine, get screwed over!"
I retort with "Fuck you, I know what I'm talking about. Stay out of my business anyway."

Before this, however, she went to my OB/GYN appointment with me. I don't know what my daughter's problem was (I'm thinking that it was the vile woman I brought with me) but she started screaming and hollering and not minding me and just being a very mean two-year-old. It happens, I know. So I take her in the hallway. My hands are full, so I grab her by her arm and lift her up to take her through the door. Once out the door, I set her down. I put my stuff down on the bench in the hallway, pick her up again, and walk her to the bathroom to sit her down and talk to her. I was crying at this point because Deralynn is screaming and the other patients in the waiting room were already annoyed from the office being two hours behind. So I take her into the bathroom, set her on the sink counter, and stare her in the face and talk to her. She had sort of calmed down by this point. I relaxed a little because I had been telling her rather loudly to stop, pulled myself together, gave her kisses and went back to the hallway.
As soon as she saw vile woman, she started acting out again. So Vile Woman took her to the car and drove her around so I could get to my appointment.
Vile Woman is MAD at me at this point and telling me I need to calm down and stop yelling at her and abusing her.
... Seriously? Abusing her? How was I abusing her? Grabbing her up by her arm is not abusive. Getting loud with her (NOT talking down to her. I never talk down to my child. Ever. She's a smart, beautiful, very talented girl and I tell her that every day) is not abusive. Nothing I did that day was abusive.
However, Vile Woman goes to Facebook. Puts on her wall that I was abusing my daughter and everyone in the doctors office saw it and they were giving me dirty looks and she was worried one of them was going to call CPS and that she saw it first-hand.

At this point, I'm fucking livid. Absolutely pissed.

She texts me the next morning asking if I'm bringing Deralynn to the parade, and asking if I was going to stop yelling at her.
I told her to fuck off, and take that shit off of Facebook. I said she would never see my daughter again and that I could raise her just fine without her. I also told her that I hope the disease she GAVE HERSELF kills her. Mean? Yes. I know. But this is the last time this woman does this to me.

Here are the Messages from here on.

Her: "You need to get over your stress about trey"
Me: "I'm not stressed about him. You need to keep your fat nosy ass out of my money business. You don't need to know anything about his back pay or his active status. I hope that disease you have kills you."
Her: "It's not the first time you've used get to hurt me in not gonna fight with you."  (Remember those lines, people) "Yesterday you successfully alienated your friends who care about you. I LOVE YOU. but if you want me dead you got it. I survived what they did to me for you Ashley and deralynn you don't need me so I'm out of here. Goodbye"

Me: "Bye."

Her: "I'm gonna kill myself and its your fault live with it"

Me: "Oh, woe is me."

Her: "You are a hateful bitch no better than. Your mother"

Me: "Okay."
Her: "You use people until they piss you off I've had enough of being used. You still owe grandpa all the money we given you guys to help you 2 out with cars and insurance and rent. You can't go around using people and not expect to have to pay them back."
Me: "Okay."
Her: "Grandpa didn't mind because he loves deralynn and he likes trey but you he doesn't trust because you keep doing this. You are not stable mentally"
Me: "Okay."                          --Remember she said she wasn't going to fight with me?--
Her: "I'm getting rid of every baby thing you have stored here and NO YOU CAN'T COME GET IT. I'm getting rid of all memories of you and your children."
Me: "Lol. Okay."
Her: "I'm not opening my heart up again to a cold hearted bitch lime you again  Fuck you"
Me: "Okay."
Her: "You might as well have been Michaels daughter your just like hi."
Me: "Okay, if you feel that way."
Her: "Yes I can't let myself be hurt by you anymore and ALL of your friends are gonna get tired of your bullshit too. You have hit me, kicked me, slapped me. Got the school to call CPS on me. Told me to die. Kept your baby from me. And yet I forgave you. Well forgiveness doesn't come easy mow and your daughter is the one who's gonna suffer. Ashley told me what I witnessed yesterday isn't the first time you've done her that way"
Me: "Okay."

Couple days later,
Me: "From this point forward, please do not contact me in any way, shape, or form, or I will be forced to file harassment charges. Thank you."
Her: "Fuck off."
Me: "Okay."
Her: "You are dead to me do not text me again you will NOT treat me like this ever again"

--- End of Conversation -- 

I told her to not contact me in any. At all. And she's been getting people to tell me things from her.
I'm keeping record of all of it, and I'm filing charges on her.
I'm hurting her? Constantly?
Funny, when I finally started talking to her again after she got pissed off at me for leaving the Army, I told her that I was done with the drama. One more time and we were done. She did it again and I'm done. But yeah, that's only the first couple days.

Then about two days ago I went to the ER for this horrible pain I was feeling in my more-than-nether-regions. NOT. FUN.
I thought it was baby's position when I woke up that morning. It kindof hurt but not extremely, so I just let it go. The longer the day went, the worse it got. Finally at about 5pm I went to the ER and got taken to labor and delivery to make sure it wasn't contractions.
.... Trust me. It's not contractions. I've had them.

Well, after Tylenol #3 (The good stuff) and some Antibiotics, I had to pee. REALLY BAD.
Turns out it was a kidney stone. A rather large one. -.-
Sucked. I never had the back pain that goes with kidney stones. Never had any signs or symptoms. It just hurt in my girlyparts and that's all I knew... But it's out. I'm on antibiotics to make sure there is not any infection or anything.

I'm going to call my husband now. I have more to type about my ideas for the beebee, but I'll get to those later.

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