Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Home Colorado!

Well, okay. Not really. But I wish.
I've only been here since yesterday, but I LOVE IT!  Minus the cold. That part sucks. But I'm sure I can get used to it. Seriously, though. The mountains are beautiful and dusted with snow on top and they look like Christmas. I'll take pictures of some here soon and put them up. They are so pretty though. The trees are gorgeous, even! If I could stay here, I so would. Go look up pictures of Colorado. Seriously. Those aren't just cliche pictures. That's SERIOUSLY what it looks like. It's absolutely breathtaking!

Anyway, besides the perfect view, my phone has absolutely zero signal. At first, I was bummed about it. But now that I've gone a full day without someone texting me about something stupid, I'm loving it. I have the ability to talk to Trey when I need to, so I don't have to have my phone constantly. So it's rather nice. And quiet (save for the MiniButt) which I don't get to experience very often. I am falling in love with this place. I really don't want to go back. However, that's where Trey's job is. Moving right now would be of utmost inconvenience.

Oh, and the weather. Holy crap. Sunday the High is supposed to be 29, and the low is 4. FOUR!! Are you kidding me?! Four degrees? I'm from Texas where the Low in the dead middle of winter is MAYBE 40. Maybe. I think I'm probably losing my mind with the whole Wanting-To-Stay-Here idea. I'm still tossing it around in my head. The view might be worth it. Might be. It's supposed to snow Saturday, which is the day of Patricia's baby shower. That's what I want to see.

Deralynn seems to be enjoying herself. She likes going outside. I usually bring her in when her widdle nose gets all pink. I let her warm up a bit, and then let her go back out. She likes it outside. She likes Patricia too! Which is a good thing, I'm assuming.

She has a photography business and she's doing a photo shoot for a two-week old baby right now who is just absolutely ADORABLE. :) Deralynn is enjoying the baby, too. She likes babies. That's a good thing since there will be one around all the time come March. Excited!

On the down side, this baby is giving my sciatic nerve a workout. When I try to take the weight off my right leg, my hip goes into spazz mode and I freeze up. I look like a dork with my arms all curled in and a weird look on my face. I'm pretty sure it's a boy, but we won't get to find out until December. Bummed, but I will eventually know! This baby is also giving me an insane case of heartburn. Constantly. All the time. Even after water. I have already started eating Tums like candy. I didn't have to do that with Deralynn until I was about 30 weeks.

Another down side to this trip - I pulled my laptop out for the first time in like six months. Internet works fine, which is great, except that my laptop overheats. Bad. And the AC Adapter has something wrong with it so it doesn't charge my battery. So basically I have a portable desktop - It's useless unless I'm near a wall outlet. Of course, I have had this laptop since my junior year in high school. It's been through three different states with me. It's made it through a toddler jumping on it all the time. It's a pretty strong little fella. I was thinking about getting a new one, but with how often I don't pull this one out, another laptop would end up with the same fate. I just don't use it enough to really merit getting another one. And besides that, Trey has a pretty new one that works just fine. We can just use it when he gets back.

That's another awesome thing! I get to see Trey for Thanksgiving! =D Super duper excited! And this will be a little TMI, but I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't already pregnant, I would end up that way on Thanksgiving weekend. ;)
His sergeant that's in charge is screwing him over pretty badly. It's getting to be more frustrating than anything. We will eventually get the situation fixed. But I still hate the Army.

:) My babygirl is getting so big. She keeps running up from down stairs screaming "MOMMY!" to make sure I'm still here, and when she sees me, she gets a big smile and says "Hi!" then gives me a kiss and runs back down stairs. Haha, she's so cute! She did really well on the flight to Colorado. She was grinning through takeoff, slept through the flight, and then when she woke up she was smiling through landing. :) No crying or fussing. She's amazing! I love her so much!

I could seriously type random little things all day. I haven't done much but I'm already in love with Colorado. I would love to just sit and stare out the window and see mountains topped with snow for the rest of my life. It's always beautiful.