Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Start Off On the Right Foot...

So yeah, I'm back in college classes! I actually got the Day Care taken care of too, so that I won't have to cancel my classes. :) I went in and told her that I can't go to class and will have to cancel them if she didn't get into the program, which was the truth of course, but I told her that anyway. She asked me her age and everything and I told her that our phone numbers changed and all that and I gave her all the information I needed to give her and so now we have a visitation appointment on the 6th and 7th, and she will start on the tenth! That's awesome! YAY!

We may have to delay getting TV and internet back though, because day care and rent come first. And I know that with the awesome raise that Trey just got, we're going to be doing awesome! If we can just keep it at what we HAVE to have. We will start working all that into in later. He's supposed to be getting a hefty check from the Army too. It's supposed to be the back pay for the year he was deployed and we were MARRIED that the Army seems to have forgotten. -.-

And the fact that he is a father to a 19-month-old (And soon to be another little one!!) so he was supposed to get the backpay for the BAH and the Family Separation Pay and the other kinds of pay that he was supposed to get tax-free while he was deployed. Now, I'm not expecting $10,000 But it better be more than a couple grand. It was a year. Making a shit-ton of money. Tax free. It was definitely a big chunk of change. So we still have that to look forward to.

With the daycare, and the rent, and gas, groceries and stuff, we can make it on what he is making now. PLUS the $200 for drill every month. We definitely can make it if we limit ourselves. And when the back pay comes through, we throw it into savings and use it SPARINGLY. Like, only when we need to... EVER.

Lowe's is finally getting the insurance taken care of. Finally getting everything we need for all that fixed. We are finally going to be getting out from under the poverty line! I don't like it. Being all "Maybe we'll pay rent instead of this" stuff... No fun...

But if I had to do it again, I would do it with Trey. I wouldn't have it any other way. At all. He's my everything, and I know I don't tell him that I love him enough. I need to tell him more.

But like I was saying, Trey is going to be a daddy again! And this time he will be home for the whole thing! I won't have to worry about him not making it home from deployment in time. He'll get to come home and be with the baby every night from work. And by that point the Fall 2012 Semester will be over, and I will be finished with classes, so I won't be missing anything! It works perfect, actually. I can always come back to school. Maybe once Deralynn is in school herself, that way I'm only paying for daycare for one kid. :)

How awesome would that be?
Anyway, I'm only about 10 weeks along, and I'm still feeling a little icky right now. I actually might have to go throw up here in a second... Yeah...

Anyway, glad everyone read this (Even if you didn't read it) I still enjoyed sitting here typing it. I love typing. :D


:) Bye now.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sex Is Like Math...

It is definitely been weird. Kayla moved in, which is cool. Deralynn is 19 months old...  And she is going to have a baby sibling! Fun! The only issue is the insurance. There's been so many changes in the last few weeks that I just don't know what to do. It hasn't been "confirmed" yet, which is good because the insurance can't classify it as a "pre-existing" condition. Which it wouldn't be anyway, because of HIPAA. But anyway, I'm going to be starting classes again. I figured out what I wanna do finally! Early Childhood Development - Infant/Toddler Specialist... And there is a degree that I can get with it too, which is AWESOME! School starts August 27th, and I had a friend from there who moved to Houston, so they won't be there anymore. BUMMERRR. But it's all good. I will make more friends, and besides, school isn't about friends. It's about learning! And then I can use it to get a job in a Day Care or something, or start my own, or something or whatever. I could get a job with it. Then we would be making more money, which would be fantastic.

Trey got a raise. A 42% raise, actually. Which is freakin' sweet. It's nuts. He works at Lowe's and he doesn't hate it but it isn't necessarily his favorite. He now makes more money going to Lowe's for two days, than taking two days off to go to drill. So now going to drill would be obsolete. He would be losing money. Which is really fantastic. (Not really, that was sarcasm.)

So, I want to keep typing and saying random things, but I really am running out of stuff to say. Our cell phones are turned off... I used to blog from my phone. But since we don't have AT&T at the moment, I cannot blog. However, even if we were to get them turned back on, I couldn't blog anyway, because someone got something in my phone and there is this huge wet spot on my phone and the battery won't charge, which means the phone won't come on. So there goes my blogging on my phone...  Sucks. But whatever. I'll blog when I can.

Speaking of blog...
Did you know that the word "Blog" came from Weblog? Someone was going to start calling it We-Blog, or just "blog" for short. So now, it's just blog. I didn't know that. I just found that out. I read it somewhere like last week... Pretty crazy, right?

And speaking of crazy,
Deralynn is starting to talk. She goes around all day "Mama MAMA! mamamamaa! Mama!"
Or whatever... And then this morning she woke up, and said "Bite?" So I made her some cereal, but I left it dry. She got mad, so I asked if she wanted milk, and she said "Yeah!" And started doing her little arm-flapping excited little hyperventilating thing. It's so cute. So I put milk in her cereal and she was happy. Then a few minutes later she grabbed a diaper so I could change her, saw the Mickey Mouse on the front and said her little version of Mickey Mouse, then pointed to the tv. I asked her if she wanted to watch it and she did the arm-flapping excited little hyperventilating thing and said "Yeah!!" Made me feel bad though, because we don't have cable, so we have been watching movies for the last two months and it is starting to drive me crazy.

Anyway, my belly hurts. Baby (Which BETTER be a boy because of how sick I am) is hungry, so I have to feed him. :)