Friday, October 5, 2012

It Almost Rips My Heart Out

You've seen the movies, right? The Delta Force guys or whatever. They get a call that they have to go. It never says where, how long, or why. For some reason, I feel like one of their wives right now. However, there are major differences.
Let me explain the problem.
Trey is in the Army Reserves. Basically, he has to hold down a real job while Active Duty does whatever they want because they can't get "fired."
Cool, whatever. He has a good job. It pays well. His unit doesn't have any more slots for a 25S, which is his MOS. I'm not explaining that part. Look it up. He has to re-class to another MOS. He chose 25B. (Again, look it up.)
He got a call Thursday morning saying that his classes were scheduled. Cool.
They told him that the flight was scheduled and everything on the Army side was taken care of. Even better.
They told him that he would be leaving Friday morning at 11AM for Salt Lake City, Utah. What the fuck?

So now our Thursday is spent frantic trying to get his boss to approve the leave ON a day that he was scheduled to work. We have to get everything for the car taken care of. We have to make sure his hair is in regs. We have to make sure everything is going to be okay on my end for the next couple of months. Fucking... Fantastic... 

Luckily, he got paid yesterday, so money wasn't an issue. 

We drove to the airport this morning. (Well, I drove.) We went to the gate with him and hugged and kissed and what-have-you, and he was gone. 
It was so fast, really.
We didn't have time to eat together like planned. We didn't get to sit at the terminal with some time to wait and hang out. It was just there, through security, to the gate and then they were boarding. -.-

I didn't have time to cry. I haven't had time yet. I don't even know if I will. I have a few months for it to kick in.
Phase one is 22 days, Phase two is 22 days, and he won't get orders for Phase three until he's in Phase 2. So there is no telling how long he'll be gone.

Fun, right?
It sucks. I'm trying so hard to be strong for my baby girl, because she doesn't understand that daddy will be gone for a long time. That is the part that hurts.

I can't do this.

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