Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moody Goose.

Very moody. Have a problem with it? Tough.

So Fall 2012 Schedule goes as follows:

Monday/Wednesday 8AM:       ENGL1301 with Lewis
Monday/Wednesday 9:35AM:  SPCH1315 with Gernand
Monday/Wednesday 5PM:        MATH0408 with Reid
Tuesday 6PM:                            TECA1354 with Webster

English 1301 is Composition and Rhetoric. Speech 1315 is Fundamentals of Speech. Math 0408 is Intermediate Algebra. TECA1354 is Child Growth and Development.

I don't know the actual name of the TECA part of it, but I know that getting into that class is a little more difficult than usual because if they don't have enough students sign up, they will cancel the class, leaving me with more work I have to do on my schedule. I am getting financial aid, which is the only way I can actually afford the classes. Without financial aid I wouldn't be in classes at all, and I would be sitting on my butt doing nothing all day. Sucks, really.

I still have the homework to do for every one of these classes. I've just been too lazy this weekend to do it. I really don't want to get off my butt and get up to finish it. There's even a quiz tomorrow in math. Ugh.

Baby is giving me hell today. I really don't know what I did but Baby is NOT happy with me. My stomach hurts and I'm trying not to throw up everywhere...
I'm not used to pregnancy being this difficult. It was smooth-sailing with Deralynn. I didn't have any issues at all with the pregnancy with her. I remember the first ultrasound I ever got. She really was just a little peanut. I still have the ultrasound pictures. I actually still have the HPT from her, too... Somewhere...

I would love to continue to write for hours on end. Days, even. But life is calling, and I have to answer it. Meh. Another one of them days...


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