Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Got An A!

So I have noticed that the past couple of posts have been sad, albeit important, ones. Today, or rather tonight, I am going to change that. :)

I just got out of my math class. I'm sitting at the college right now doing absolutely nothing but blogging. I will probably have facebook up before I finish this blog, just so I can get ideas about what to write.
I did my speech this morning after working on it all of twenty minutes Monday. I got an A! There was a video that he recorded, too. It's me looking like a dork. He said I talk too fast, and that my movement was a little crazy. I should probably look at the audience a bit more instead of at my paper. And I need to stop saying "um."

I don't know if it has sound on it. He says it does, but all the computers at the college have the sound turned off, so I haven't officially heard it yet. If it doesn't have sound, someone should let me know, so I can let Mr. Gernand know that I can't judge my voice or anything because of the "no audio" problem. And yes, I said judge myself. We have to evaluate ourselves on how we think we did on our speeches. And he says we cannot be too harsh on the other speakers or ourselves. ..Yeah right..

I don't even know if the video will play. I just posted it so everyone can see what a dork I am in class. By the way, we were giving speeches about ourselves; pretty much just introducing ourselves to the class. We've only been in class for like three weeks now, but for only two days a week. And the second Monday was a holiday, so really for only five days. We're still getting to know each other. I sit at the same desk every day, though. That's my little corner. I can get to the door when I need to, or I can hide if I need to.

Actually, I think I need to  find a new blurb, too. Blurb. A current event, or news article, that is approximately fifteen to twenty seconds long to tell the class. It's supposed to be some type of "not be scared of being at the podium in front of people" exercise. I'm really not sure how well it works. I can tell myself that it's only for twenty seconds and just talk like I'm a news anchor and get it over with. Everyone else still does the whole "jittery" thing. I'm not saying I'm not nervous, because I am, and my body language shows it (Look at the video), but I can get up there, say what I need to say, and get over it before it becomes a problem.

There is a girl in there who is so ... outgoing? That may not be the right word. She's just always the first to volunteer or the first to say something. She's really sweet. I talked to her in the lunch line the other day. She's nice. She's just a lot braver than I would be if that were me in that situation. I won't be the first to volunteer for a speech. I usually wait until Mr. Gernand starts doing his "Speech going once, twice, going, going, going, going.... " for a few seconds, and THEN I will stand up and get up there.

Just get it over with... I tell myself.
..Please. As if it's that easy.
He's really an easy teacher to pass. He's really weird himself. He will make funny noises and stuff to try and lighten the tension in the room. It's cool, though. He talks about how he's a speech instructor and STILL hates being in front of people speaking.

And reading from the book doesn't suck like with most teachers. He will read it kindof from our point of view. Not word for word, and he gets to the point rather quickly. I think the longest we have spent on a chapter is about thirty minutes.

Today is Deralynn's official twenty-month day. She is four months away from being two years old. Do you realize how FAST that is? I can't believe she is already two! She's starting to talk, and she learned how to jump. She's also learning how to nod her head 'yes.' This girl is seriously my whole world. I want to go home and see her, but she is at her GiGi's right now. I'm thinking about maybe going to get her tonight and keeping her at home with me, but at the same time, Trey and I will have a night alone. And I would say that we might end up baby-making, but I'm already doing that, so that's off the list. We could probably watch movies. DANGIT!
I forgot to take the Redbox's back. Jeeze. They're going to be like $20 each by the time I get them turned back in. I don't know why Trey rented them right before he went to drill. He usually watches them, and I end up going to bed, because I don't feel like staying up watching a movie that I'm sure I will see later in life when I'm not so damn tired. Meh. To each their own. Anyway, it's like 40F in the library, my fingers are frozen, and I'm officially out of things to write about. I will blog again eventually.

I really miss my internet. I can do this at home with internet. Without it, I have to get my fix whenever I am at the college or Grandma's house. Ugh.