Monday, September 30, 2013

Political Rant

I haven't really blogged in a while. I think it's time I use this moment to rant.

Growing up, I lived with my grandparents. They were Republican. So anytime there was an election or anything, I had to hear about it. I saw the good and the bad of the Republican side. I never paid much attention to it, because I didn't care about it all that much. I joined the Army where I met my husband. My husband is Democratic. I hear all this stuff about the Democrats now. I've heard the good and the bad of both sides.

I still don't particularly care, but I refuse to vote the same way someone else does just because they want me to. My grandparents always told me to vote Republican, Husband is always trying to tell me to vote Democrat. The crazy part? When there is something talking smack about the Democratic party, the Husband won't watch it, but by God he'll watch everything talking smack against the Republicans. My grandparents were the same way. They would pay attention to everything talking smack about the Democrats, but they never could muster up the balls to watch something talking smack against Republicans.

Why does that bother me?
I think both sides realize that there are some stupid things involved with everyone. Neither side wants to hear how stupid they are. Both sides are scared that something will be pointed out and they'll be wrong. So they just ignore it like it never happened. If they didn't hear it, it's not true.

Going by that, I think I finally figured out which political party I'm going for. Are you ready?

.... I'm not. I'm not Independent, I'm not Republican, I'm not Democratic. I'm not anything. I listen to what is actually being said and what is actually going on, and I'll base my judgement off that. I'll vote for what I actually believe in instead of only going Democrat or Republican because that's what my party is.

If I even vote, that's how I will do it. I don't care who is on what party. I'm tired of the battle. Both parties think they are there to destroy the other. What happened to the political parties that were there to debate both sides of something? It's bad because of this.. Or it's good because of that....

When did it become a war to try to get everybody in the government on the same party?

I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

Stop trying to lead the government with your political power, and start trying to lead it with your political stance.


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