Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Fools... ?

So, a few days ago was April Fools, right? 
Well, I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and say "I'm pregnant!" Like everyone else. However, I did it like I was ACTUALLY pregnant, and put when I was due, threw some names in there with the initials AF (April Fool). Like Allison Francesca [which I kindof like, I might add] and Arthur Frederick IV [Which, for those who know us, is not Trey's middle name]. I figured SOMEONE would realize that it was an April Fool's joke. But we pulled it off so well that some people were actually believing it. In fact, everyone. I told Dot. She knew it was fake but she played along.

So then today I had to let everyone know (People were still congratulating me) that it was an April Fool's joke, and that as glad as I was that everyone was excited, we are sorry to disappoint. Not right now, but eventually, yes. We will have another.

Bummer. I was hoping it really would just be a little joke. Goodness. 

Anyway. I'm writing a subculture paper on 'ARMY WIVES' and it's really turning out a lot harder than it seems it would. There's so much to write about. I just can't get it into words, and it's driving me MAD! Ah!

So, I'm going to get back to writing my paper and I will see how it turns out later. Hopefully it will be great enough to read and re-read and maybe one day I will be able to publish a book on it. 

Hmm. I'm hungry.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So, I figured I would start fresh.
And here it is.

Well, I'm 21. (I don't remember everything from that birthday..)
I'm married. (His name is Trey!)
I have a 15 month-old daughter. (My whole world)
And I am currently attending Brazosport College. :D *Majoring in either Psychology, or Sociology, haven't figured out which yet.*

I left the Army. I will never do that stuff again. Trey is in though. He's in the reserves, and he just got back from Afghanistan in October. :) Life is pretty fantastic. 
I just started a new job. Today was my second day. 
Well, it's not really a new job. I've done it before. It's just at a new location. HEB in Angleton. I'm starting off as a bagger for these last two days, but I'm working on becoming a checker. I go to the classes Friday and then Monday and Tuesday. Woo! $9/Hour!

Anyway, today was crazy at work.
We had a lady come in, and she only had an $80 budget. Which is fine, it happens. Well, she bought this brisquet, thinking it was only $10, but it turned out to be $40. So she got mad about that, so I took it out of her things and we returned it, then she was able to get everything she wanted. Except for the Free Stuff in the MealDeal because she didn't buy the brisquet. Whatever. Anyway, she grabs a juice off the back of the checkstand and walks away with it, then puts it in the bag that I had stuff in already, and then walked away. I assumed that was stuff she wanted to keep, so I put it in her cart. Well, she comes back like 15 minutes later, and starts cussing at everybody because she didn't want the stuff that I put in her basket. She didn't want the juice and she started cussing at me saying "Well, I told that bagger that I didn't fucking with this shit, and I told that checker that I didn't want all this shit and they should have fucking figured this out already... blah blah blah blah fuck blah shit blah blah." Well, keep in mind, she also had this DOG inside the STORE. GROCERY STORE. Little baby miniature Doberman. It's a sanitary issue for animals, which is why we don't allow them in. She has this dog thing. Then she laughs at me like "haha, you're afraid of the dog!" And I said "No, I didn't see it and when I looked up there was this dog thing in my face." 
She continued laughing at me. 
But whatever.
Anyway, she starts cussing about how gas is "fucking $4 a gallon and you guys in here are fucking up my things and the manager should be doing better, since she obviously knows what the fuck she is doing or she wouldn't be manager. In fact, she shouldn't be manager" yadda, yadda, yadda. Cussing out the manager telling her that she needs to hurry up because her "fucking shit is melting in the car.."
And the girl she was with had her daughter running all over the place. And this little girl is playing by the door and she gets her arm stuck. Then AngryBitch starts screaming "SOMEBODY HELP! SOMEONE HELP HER AND NOT JUST STAND AROUND!" after the girl already got her arm out. And then on top of all that, Gary is just standing there trying to calm this woman down. And it's 2 o'clock. Time for me to be off work already. -.-

Anyway. Things got fixed, I had a shit-ton of returns to put away, and then it was all fine and dandy. I don't know what the hell this woman's problem was, but she drove me nuts. -.-

But that was my day. How was yours?